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Acupuncture to treat wrinkles is gaining popularity among ageing Baby Boomers looking to turn back the tide of time. People who are tired of getting repeat Botox injections or those who do not want to try cosmetic procedures, are opting for alternative and holistic methods, like acupuncture, to smoothen out their wrinkles and look younger.

The acupuncture wrinkle treatment is just like traditional acupuncture, where the practitioner inserts small needled into pressure points in the face, boosting blood flow to the area, producing tighter muscles and a more youthful appearance. This treatment also includes face massage.

Accupuncturists attribute this boom for holistic methods to look younger to celebrities and Hollywood - many celebrities had given up Botox in favor of facial acupuncture.

Facial acupuncture is effective for fine lines and wrinkles and the best part is that the treatment does not paralyze the muscles. Though, acupuncture to treat wrinkles needs more time that Botox.

About the Acupuncturist:
Heng Zhou, Msc Dip Ac .  His Acupuncture practice based in Aberdeen

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