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What is Toxins?

Toxins are bad things or poisons have accumulated inside you over the years.  Toxins enter the body in many ways - from the air breathe to the food we eat, from pollutants in the environment to the emotional stresses of everyday life. all these factors can contribute to tonic bulid-up.  After a while they can knock the body off banance, leaving you feeling slugish and lacking in energy.

How does the detox programme work?

Imagine a well-toned body, the loss of several kilograms of weight, healthy skin, increased energy, better digestion.  Does it sound to too good to be true?

If you are serious about detox, our detox programme is designed to help your achieve your target in the most healthy and effective way.  The programme consists of four complete treatments within four short weeks (treatment including acupuncture, cupping and massage), after TCM diagnosis, we will recommend you one of our detox product to use.  All these efforts make it possible to eliminate those toxins in your body, to bring the body back into balance and to return it to good health by detoxing.  In doing so you are:

*Improving your immune system

*Improving your circulation

*Ensuring the body has all the nessagry enery to "look after and repair" itself.

Call us to book now, just quote"Detox Programme".

Gift vouchers are also available!

If you are just interested in detoxification, why not visit our shop for the range of detox herbal tea, any question just draw me a line.  


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