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Many people complain about the same problem in their battle with overweight. No matter how hard the exercise they do, how little they eat, they can't lose weight. By the calculation of calorie balance, they used far more calorie out than in, but the body seems didn't respond to the "exercise+diet" format. In Chinese medicine, this is a simple problem: the body is in the state of low energy and battery.

Many of these people with overweight issues accompanied with constant tiredness, poor appetite, flat mood or strong emotion swings and bad sleep quality.
In Chinese medicine, there are several blockages in their energy flow:
First of all, the poor appetite indicates the sluggish digestion, unable to extract the food essence from food.
Secondly, a disturbed sleeping pattern indicates unharmonious heart and kidney's qi, which stops the food essence, turn into energy. 
Thirdly, emotional distress indicates the blockage of liver' qi flow, and as a result it makes it difficult to recharge energy. So, the body is unable to recharge energy 
efficiently therefore it operates on the backup energy battery all the time. If the body, is constantly using backup energy, it believes that it is in survival mode, and 
will reserve as much of this energy as it can rather than use it. The body then shuts down the metabolism and retains whatever energy it can get.

A three-step approach addresses this issue in my practice
First and the most difficult step is to help the patient realize which state of overall health they are in, and the importance of their energy opposed to their weight.
Second, using acupuncture to open up the channel 0f recharging, make sure patients eating well and sleep well till their energy back to optimal level.
Third, using certain acupuncture points to suppress the appetite and speed up the metabolism thus lose weight.

The real issue of diet contributes to overweight is eating without hunger. No appetite at mealtimes indicates the digestive system is weak and food essence was unabsorbed 
properly from food. Bloating is caused by the trapped food essence at the abdomen region. Constipation and felt leftover after a bowel movement usually comes along when the 
digestive energy is weak, in the same way a worn-out housemaid unable to clean the dust out the room. Acupuncture would increase the intestine energy to the normal level. Once the eliminating energy back to normal, a big cleaning process begins. Few of my patient were shocked when they went for bowel movement six to ten times within 
one day, with a big quantity every time.  

Be aware there is difference between a hunger and a craving
Hunger is the sensation of emptiness in the stomach and a grumbling noise, and an intensified sense of smell. If we haven't had a chance to eat, the hunger eases off after 5 to 10 minutes. A craving is a drop of blood sugar in the body, with a sense of allover emptiness and light headedness. If there is no immediate food supply, people may lose control over their muscle, the body might be shaky and sensation becomes dull. Because the sugar based food gives the fastest refill of blood sugar, therefore people mostly carving for chocolate or sweet.


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